$1000 Gaming Build

It has been a number of years since I last built a PC but I decided I would like to get back into PC gaming so I am going to take the plunge into building a new one. I gave the last PC that I built to my brother so I don't have any parts that I can reuse other than an old Antec 300 case that I have had forever. I really like the new case designs with all the cable management features and improved airflow that companies are putting out now, however I think that money would probably be better spent on getting better components :(. I also have an old keyboard/mouse that I can use to get me by until I can afford better ones. 


I have always went AMD in the past but I have a friend that can get me a good deal on an Intel processor so I think I am going to get a 4670k for this build. Other than that, how do the rest of the parts look? Also, it seems like everyone is recommending Windows 8 for gaming now (or at least they say its just as good as Windows 7.) Can anyone confirm that? Are the majority of games compatible with WIndows 8 now? I plan on playing newer games and probably some of the games that I missed out on during the last 4 years or so. 


the only reason you would go for win8 would be the "speed" improvements.. but overall a solid build. i'd look into the mobo a bit more and see if a better one comes up on sail from a better brand. also to look into for the os. would you be willing to go into headache mode to get the UI working and looking the way windows should? or would you just want to install the os, the games and drivers and just play without that headache?