€1000-/+ game pc (is equal to a $1000-/+ game pc)

i want to know if i have a good build for a game pc around a €1000?


Cooler Master K-350 Advanced 3.0

600 Watt Cooler Master

Intel Core i5-3570K 3.40 GHz 

Cooler Master GeminII SF524

Asus Moederbord P8H77-V LE

Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3-1600 

1000 GB SataIII Hardeschijf
or should a make a AMD game pc build also i would like to know what you would build as a game pc around a
€ 1000?

What country are you in?

the netherlands why ?

Prices often vary based on which country you are in. Unfortunately, I have no idea how much parts cost in your country right now, I left some head room in this build in case the parts cost more. If it is still over budget, or some parts are not available where you live, I will create anouther one.


thanks for  the build but it is a bit cheaper than €1000 second you could transelt €1000 almost as a $ 1000 becaus the € is more worth but you have to pay more taxes but still thanks 

Anarmypig - Pretty good build there. I would modify a few things, but since the OP is out of country it is hard to make too many changes w/out knowing what the OP has for options.

how do you  mean OP most parts i can get in my country 

OP means (original poster), so that would be you wertin_1990 :)

I meant that I don't know what options of parts you have in your country, so I could recommend a ton of parts, but you may not have them there in your country.

just say the parts and i will search if i can find it in my country oke ? 


just say the parts and i will search if i can find it in my country oke ? 


Do you have a website that you like to buy from?

Anarmypig has a pretty good build there. I like/prefer:

* Corsair, Cooler Master, & Antec cases

* G.Skill RAM (1600 mHz, CAS 9 timings, & 1.5v)

* AsRock Motherboards, both AMD/Intel

* AMD GPU's  - 7850, 7870 (XT/LE), 7950, & 7970 (depending on budget)

* Antec, Corsair, PCP&C, Seasonic, & XFX PSU's

* AMD FX 6300/8350, Intel i5 3350p/3570k CPU's (depending on budget of coarse)


thanks for the answer but the problem i am facing is wich porcesor should i choose the intel i5 3570 or the AMD FX 8350 and wich video card should i choose the Nvidia GTX660 2GB  (with intel cpu) or the ASUS GTX660 TI-DC2-2GD5  ( with the intel cpu) or the AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB (fort the AMD cpu) 





Hello Wertin, I'm from The Netherlands as well and I assembled a build using a dutch site so this might prove helpful for you.

This is the link;

AMD FX 8350 vs i5 3570 (k/non-k):

Go for the i5, it does better for gaming. I could link you results but you'd find it within the first 3 google searches. The FX 8350 isn't a true octocore and the extra Ghz won't matter if you overclock the i5. Also the hyperthreading won't be used to its full extent by most games. Again, you can find a lot of it on google and most benchmarks show the i5 pulling ahead of the FX 8350 in FPS and almost everything else.

GTX 660 vs AMD HD 7970:

Kind of same story as the CPU's. Google it, look at the benchmarks and comparisons. Although the difference is small, it's still there. The reason why I personally prefer the GTX Nvidia cards is because I play World of Warcraft and the game's known to perform better with Intel tech.


Explanation for my own system build; 
CPU: Going for the i5-3570 non-k as I'm not planning on overclocking beyond 4Ghz, that's why I don't need the unlocked K version.

CPU FAN: Lots of people swear by the Hyper 212 Evo. It's a good cooler, low end price, high end performance. The Gelid Tranquillo Rev 2. is a clone from that Hyper 212 concept. It almost looks the same, it almost performs the same and it costs the same. There's one difference though. The Gelid is a tad quieter and in benchmarks it cools 1 degree more. Be aware, the Gelid's only the same price in The Netherlands. I discovered on sites like Newegg that it's about 10 dollars more expensive abroad.

GPU: GTX660 Zotac edition for having highest out of the package clock so I won't have to do any OC'ing myself.

Mobo: Really like the MSI mobo's so for me there was never a dilemma there. G45 because it offers me more expansion posibilities in the future than the older G41 and G43 models. It's Military Class grade which means the mobo is fitted with proper japanese capacitors which keep the heat down. I like good cooling as one of the reasons I started with desktop computers was because of the repeated nightmares I had with laptops blowing up/burning because of the heat that the system was producing.

SSD+HDD: The SSD is simple, it's the cheapest one you can find in that price range that will still offer you 120 GB's of storage. That does mean it's not the fastest out there or might be the best of the best but going from HDD to SSD for your gaming already boosts your speed so much that you won't really notice the difference between SSD's, maybe later when you want to expand or upgrade your system. The HDD is a good one. I already have it so I'm not going to replace anything that still works perfectly. Put it in here to show you my complete build.

RAM: Only need 8 GB of ram. I'm still looking around because the Mobo is Dualchannel which means I'd prefer 2x4GB of ram or I might buy another stick of 8GB ram with it and expand to 16 GB, though you really won't need more than 8GB to be satisfied for your gaming. It will help when you start to do video-editing though. It's class 8 unbuffered 1600 MHz and for that price it was the best I could find it its price range.

Case: I absolutely love the Cooler Master CM 690ii for a price like that it's unbeatable. The advanced version which you'll find in my build has 3 fans. It's simple, it's great for future upgrades and I gladly pay a bit more for a case like this.

PSU: 600 Watts is all I'll be needing with this current build although you might want to opt for the 700 Watt version if you want to upgrade in the future, think SLI-GTX660. Modular which means it's easy, it's great, it's awesome, I wouldn't want anything else and 86% efficiency speaks for itself. Proper brand, which is really something you need for a PSU, you don't want to cheap out on this. This PSU does the job and I can't complain about it. 

I don't agree. For gaming, an AMDGPU is better value for money, and that board is not great for OC'ing. Also, you can do a lot better than a 660 for 1000 euro.

What do you think of this?


It really depends in the price range. In the $200 range between the 7850, 7870, GTX 660 and 600ti, it's really tight. Both brands are fantastic (value to money) in that money range. All you really need to do is search which card performs better in what games and go from there.

Army Pig's build is far superior, go with his.


Army Pig's build has no SSD in it... :/

he anarmybig what do you think about the mean diffrents the video card your video card has more momery but the momery speed is slower and the core clock speed is slower? here is a build froming but whit some changes becaus he forgot his cooler and i had choose the i5 3750 k. http://azerty.nl/winkelmandje/winkelmandje?product%5B496883%5D=1&bestel= 

( i reply on this comment becaus i couldn't do it be the other one )