$1000 for monitor

I was using 3 1080P 144hz monitors in surround for gaming but am wanting to up the resolution. I have $1000 to spend and am tossing up a few options but it seems I will have to compromise with all of them. So First what I am looking for in order of importance.

1.) Higher resolution, I know that is obvious but it is the purpose of this post. 

2.) Refresh rate. I am use to 144hz and now feel like 60hz is a slide show. I am looking at the X-Star for this reason.

3.) screen real estate. Being use to 3 monitors while gaming even a 27" 1440P feels small.

So what I am thinking. I could get 3 x-star 1440P monitors and put them in surround. with this options 2 problems arise. One will 2 780's be able to push this configuration and could I use Nvidia surround with overclocked monitors.

Option 2. A single 1600P for the larger screen real estate but with this monitor I am stuck right around 60hz. 

What do you think? What monitors would you choose if you were in my shoes? 


Edit: Also will overclocking a monitor shorten the life of it? 

i see you have 2 topics open about the same hardware.


i will lock the other one. because in here members can post some recommendations. Next time please keep thing central to one topic! there is no need to open several ones about the same questions. You can allways edit the topic title if you like.

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X-star or shamian 1440P korean monitors are good, Logan did a review about it a while ago.

They work with Samsung and LG ips/pls panels, and thats good quality stuf also.

I know they are good but that still didn't answer any of my questions.

Will two 780s push three 1440 monitors in future games?

Can I use overclocked monitors in Nvidia surround?

Should I just get on 30 inch 1600P like the http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00CHDHE0W/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?qid=1384021628&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70

These are the questions I asked here your answer belongs on the other thread.

Ok I didnt think they were similar enough to condone one thread.

First I was asking if I could get a single 1440P to higher refresh rates. This one I was comparing three 1440's vs one 1600 in gaming.

yes, you can use overclocked monitors in nVidia surround.

If by pushing you mean running future games on maxed settings at 120 hz in surround, then then answer is a definite no. I think logan did a video on it, 3x 1440p monitors with dual 780s.

Cool then I will just stick with a single 1440 over clocked to 85hz. Do you know if over clocking a monitor will noticeably shorten its life? I have heard mixed opinions. Linus says yes many others say no and haven't hear an opinion for anyone at teksyndicate.


and yes "push"

the graphics card "pushes" the image to the monitor