$1000 dollar build

Can someone make me a build with an i5 4670k and preferrably an R9 280x. Im probably not gonna be doing any overclocking at first but i might want to do a little bit later. Id also eventually like to run another 280x in crossfire sooo yea. Thanks so much

And also i forgot i need an os 

gonna be tight, but I'll try my best.


I don't know of any cheaper cases that will fit large CPU coolers, like the Hyper 212.


This build seems to be the most bang for your puck for gaming...

I would go for 1x8gb ram for later expand ability, 2x4gb is a little higher performance though...

I dunno if you REALLY need 16+ GBs of RAM.  4 DIMM slots though, so it really depends what else OP might want to do with the comp.