$1000 Dollar Build Including Windows

I am building my first gaming rig and i would love anyones opinion on if its good and ways to make it better.  Any input would be much appreciated.

HAFS SUCK! Get an NZXT Source 210 elite or 220..OR corsair 200/300r. They're all nice.

Get windows for..free, and drop the SSD.

Upgrade to an Extreme 4 970 mobo.

AMD FX8350.

7950 GPU.

Would this be better than what i had earlier?


FX-8320 will save you $20, and I highly recommend an SSD, but go for an 830 series to save a bit of cash.

Don't waste your time with an ssd for a gaming rig with that budget. It will not yield any improvement in gaming performance besides loading time. Get an ssd for a later upgrade down the road