$1000 Budget Gaming Build

Well, I want to build a gaming rig. My budget is $1000-$1100. If anyone has a good list of parts that they can find on Amazon, NCIX, TigerDirect, or NewEgg, post your list and the website you found these prices at. Thanks, guys. You are all amazing.

What do you think of this?


Not bad. I personally like it. I really hate that it is AMD, though. However, I am totally willing to accept part lists WITH AMD. It will be fine.

I like it, it's every similar to a PC build I have designed and I'm sure it will work great especially with the whole eco-system being AMD. And to be honest AMD is a good brand and their products have amazing value. (by the way your PC will destroy a Intel 3570k when rendering a video!) :)

Why do you hate AMD?

Every AMD PC I have EVER dealt with always had problems. Maybe it's just my little sterotype, but I would easily go that route if I had to.

That's a beautiful CPU is benchmarks up with the Intel Xeon's but for a fraction of the cost... You might want to go for the Saphire build of that card... save a bit of cash and performs pretty dang well... If you want to speed up load times and boot times throw a 120gb Solid State in that thing... also you probably don't need the sabertooth unless you are planning on doing some hardcore overclocking (Could probably save $80 for a different Asus board)

Also pcpartpicker.com is your friend...


Bump. And Miskonius, truly, if it isn't a gaming motherboard, I don't really want it. I find the IO shields on them have trouble with me.


Cooper, listen to what I had just said. But anyways, here is what I am looking at. It would take a while to get the money, but I am primarily interested in this build.


it will work but if your just going to skimp on the video card there is no need for a gameing mobo or a i5 cpu

you can't be THIS stuck on intel can you? those were some great builds posted earlier.

Gaming MB ?!

Are you serious?

I am NOT stuck on Intel. I will gladly do AMD, the only problem is that my previous AMD systems ALWAYS failed.