£1000 Budget for

New CPU, CPU cooler, motherboard, GPU. Preferably intel, was looking at the newly released 5820k but im not sure how good they will work due to them just being released. Any advice with this budget in mind? Im in the uk so price recommendations from here would be great. These are the only parts i need due to having everything else unlees i need a bigger Power Supply than a 750W

750w PUS is probably overkill for most builds. But too much is better than not enough.

Just have a few questions  ... to get a better idea of what you want.

  1. how do you plan to use the PC? gaming? rendering?
  2. are you absolutely intent on an Intel build ... even if you can get better bang for the buck with AMD?
  3. exactly what parts do you already have?

Gaming mostly, Yes been with AMD for a while now and fancy the change, I have SSD , Hardrive everything you need in a build, Gonna be giving the old pc to my brother so he will have to only buy a hardrive basically and some ram. The things i will be taking are SSD, Hardrive, RAM , and maybe case unless i can get another within the budget. 

What kind of ram do you have ... brand - type - speed - size

EXAMPLE ...............................  Adata  DDR3 1600Mhz 4x4GB  = 16GB

And do you need  a GPU?

How about I put you together one in the mourning .... I'm beat.


I have corsair 8 GB 1600, I am just looking for a new CPU, GPU, motherboard and CPU cooler these are the only parts i need, and if there is enough left in the budget maybe a new case. 

You mentioned you are mainly gaming, anything above an i5 won't be contributing nearly as much as putting more money into graphics. I would suggest:

ASUS Z97 pro Motherboard

Intel core i5 4690k

2x R9 290 ASUS Direct CU 2

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

this comes to a total of £1000.53 (amazon.co.uk) if you wanted you could spend a little extra on Noctua fans for the cooler which would help temps a bit. I would also shop around a bit for better prices. Some good sites are Overclockers UK, Scan.com and Aria.


I'd be wary of two R9 290s on a 750w power supply, as it's cutting it close if you're going to be overclocking as well.

Yes I forgot to add that, It does however give him a ton of graphics power for a very attractive price even if he needs a PSU upgrade as well. May I also say those websites and prices are for the US. This guy is looking for UK based websites and prices. I reckon he could get all that for under 1000 quid though.

Even cheaper if you go to the uk pcpp


I think he should go with 2 GPU's seeing as he has £1000 to spend, so long as he's fully willing to spend all of it.

I've spent a little bit time improving my suggestions and made a list for you here.


It is cheaper and includes a PSU, it does this by using better value R9 290s.

i would not go with a dual 290 gpu in the first place, depending on the resolution you are planning to game on.

THe reason for this, i would first buy a single gpu, and look how it performs, you can allways add a second one later on. But im personaly not realy a big fan of dual gpu setups. because some games will realy work great with it, but there also allot of games which are les optimized for it, and those will be a pain in the ass. Also not to mention that the cpu will bottleneck it at a certain point. Depending on the resolution you wanne play and your monitor setup. for 1080p for example its pointless to grab a second 290 gpu, cause the scaling will be realy bad. 1440p will scale allot better.

About the i5 vs the i7, this depends allot on whatthings you do next to gaming, an i7 can be benefitical at some points.

i5 setup with 290: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/DcV7Mp

i7 setup with 290: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/QLq3WZ

I added an way overkill psu 850W in the build for the case if you ever would decide to grab a second gpu.

i7 setup could be worth it, if you do allot more then just gaming. If you do rendering, 3D modeling, 264 encoding or what not.