100% HDD Usage on Startup

Hi all,

I'm having a problem with my computer, and I'm not sure if it's a hardware or a software issue. When I start my computer up, it's fairly slow, and when looking at the task manager, it appears my HDD usage is hovering at about 100%. This only lasts for five minutes before the levels return to normal and my computer speeds up, but it's still pretty annoying.

I did some reaserch and I did a "Clean Boot." When I did that my hard drive usage percentage was fine, but now I don't what I should do. Any ideas?


I'm running Windows 8, and am using a mechincal drive.

Well yes that happens with hard drives that are cheaper like I had a WD green for a little while as a boot drive it took quite a bit to start up and then some once it got there then I uses norton tuneup and stopped the 1000 start up programs I had going and it was faster but still a bit slow and thats when the green lost its job.

so If you are up for it go into your windows start up programs and turn anything you are not using off but if you are not satisfied after that then get a SSD for the boot drive or just get a faster HDD

So if I get an SSD and load Windows on to that, it should fix my problem right?

This isn't a problem. This is just how computers work. Of course your hard drive is going to be running at 100 percent when you first boot your computer up. It has to transfer all of the startup files and programs running the background to the RAM. If you want faster boot times, then you're going to have to either get a faster hard drive, run a RAID 0 configuration, or use an SSD as a boot drive.

defrag the hard drive w/ defraggler