$100 Full Windows 8 tablet



Specs are:
Intel "Bay Trail" Atom Z3735G


16GB internal storage

MicroSD/Mini HDMI

1 micro USB for charging and devices

1280x800 IPS screen

So overall the tablet is similar to the dell venue 8 pro, but at a 3rd of the cost, I'm hoping for a model with 2GBs of RAM, and preferably with 2 USB ports, but I doubt the USB would happen.

I'm considering getting one when they launch if it's solid enough, and has more RAM.

I own a Dell Venue 8 Pro and 1GB of Ram is Ultra Horrible. I usually have 4 Programs Open and it uses almost 3/4ths of the 2GB Ram. I doubt we'll ever see a full USB port on an 8 Inch tablet but it would be nice. I do have a Flash Drive that has USB and Micro-USB on it plus a 32GB MicroSD Card. So nothing is really a problem. It would be nice if the tablet has 4GB that's the good Middle ground at least to operate and get at least some modicum of multi-tasking done.

ya but 4gbs at 100 dollars is asking a lot, I wonder if readyboost is available on it, I don't remember if it was an option on the dell, it'll be better than a paging file

Intel states the Atom Z3735G supports a max of 1GB of RAM, crushing your dreams of a model with more.

lol 2GBs is okay to work around the Dell Venue 8 Pro, but seeing as that Android Phones and Tablets are just adding more RAM with Each Iteration it would be nice to see a 4GB model in the future.

So I can't download more RAM?

different processor, dell uses z3740d, 2gb max ram