100$ camera?

I'm looking for a good camera that is 100$ or less. It can be 100$ used or new. I don't know too much about cameras. I don't plan on doing anything more than pictures with it. I just want something better than my Moto G First Gen for pictures.
I didn't see any camera category so I just put it in blog. (I'm assuming you can get a half decent camera for 100$)

Better camera? Better in what? Do you want a zoom? Do you want better low light pictures? Do you want a blurry background?

Apart from that: Do you know the basics of photography? Aperture/shutter/ISO? Do you know how that works?

I would like something that can take higher quality pictures. Also, low light is nice. I watched the video that Logan put out on cameras so I know the basics, but that is about it.

Maybe someone will have a better suggestion, but I've been using a Sony NEX 3N for the past few years. It's been holding up very well. Battery life isn't too bad either.

Ebay has them used for fairly cheap. It's a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera.


My suggestion would be a used Fuji X100. It is my standard recommendation because it has a viewing angle similar to the one of a smartphone, it has a pretty nice and fast lens, it is very well built and it produces outstanding colors.

That is clearly over budget but it is a camera that can teach you about photography. It doesn't have all the different program modes and HDR and all the bullshit, it is really focused on aperture and shutter speed and ISO and thats it.

The photography community is much larger then the gaming community. Also if you may get into astrophotography that is another very large community. I would check them out also.

That doesn't look bad at all. I don't mind going a little bit over budget. Thanks for the help.

If I had a little bit more money, I would. But right now I don't.

Than save up some more. I honestly don't think 100 bucks will get you far beyond smartphone pictures. The main problem is not the camera body but a decent lens. You could use an adapter to mount older glass to something like the mentioned NEX or a Fuji X-E1 or so. But I don't think you are that kind of person. And in the end it is not that cheap either.