10 minutes after starting MW2


Lmao dude that sucks, this hasn't ever happened to me, and I play on PS3. Although I haven't played for three days so you never know...

Sure got told.

CoD is good but BFBC2 is AWESOME

@Maxi, whats ur PSN?

hell ya dude, BC2's the most impressive game I've played in a LONG time. And thats only the beta. Cant wait till next month.

I was disappointed with the physics, but I usually am.

grenade physics need to be better, and vehicles need to take damage if they fall off a mountain..... but other than that, its nice (but fully destructible would be nice, semi- destruct pisses me off sometimes)

I was disappointed with how I couldn't get a beta key because of gamespy's stupid "INVALID CODE" captcha.