1 Year Linux Challenge

There’s not really a reason to do that. I’d have to boot back into Windows to use our database software anyway.

Haven’t kept up with this thread since first posting here and ditching Windows… checks date …4 and half years ago. :sweat_smile:

Thread title notwithstanding, here’s my super-late progress update:

Tried Linux Mint for the first few years. Really newbie-friendly distro that made the transition easy for me. I still have it installed on my gaming PC. Nowadays I do most of my regular computing on a Libreboot Thinkpad running Debian. In terms of desktop environments, I started off on Cinnamon, then tried GNOME and KDE. The extra polish and pizzazz of Cinnamon made me go back to it though, even if it is a bit more resource-hungry.

Also switched from a generic off-the-shelf router to a custom pfSense box (thanks to the Level1Techs video!), and from there an OpenWRT solution. My smartphone went from stock Android to a custom ROM, along with a Pinephone on the side.

I still don’t really know the ins and outs of GNU/Linux as well as I’d like, and thanks to the ever improving ease-of-use of all the different distros, I don’t really have to. If some issue pops up, the solution is usually online somewhere. So yeah… thank you to the free/libre software (and hardware!) community, thank you to the OP, and of course thank you to L1T :grinning: