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1 Year Linux Challenge



Two years into the challenge and I’m still running strong with linux as my primary OS. I’ve mainly stayed within the Ubuntu family, namely Ubuntu Gnome, MATE as well as KDE Neon. My desktop hardware hasn’t changed but in the new year it looks like I’ll be doing my first AMD/AMD build. My laptop was replaced with another intel/nvidia machine. My previous laptop didn’t require much tinkering in order to get linux running on it. However my new laptop had a lot more issues with system locks during the install/first boot process. I ended up installing an XPS 15 specific re-spin of Ubuntu which works fairly well. Over the holidays I’ll give a more up to date kernel a try and see if something of my problems have been resolved.

Over the past two years I’ve gone back to school and finished an CS degree. The university uses primarily Linux machines for their program, and I’ve only had one project that required me to dual boot into Windows for Visual Studio.

Overall I’m still quite happy and plan on staying on board for a good long while. Steam linux support has also helped the experience greatly. I don’t need a huge game library but I do want the ability to play a significant number of high quality games, which the platform now has. Now that I have some spare time I’ll be finding an open source project to start contributing to help build my portfolio and help push the platform along.


So how’s it going @TeckMonster?


Visual Studio is available for linux. I don’t know since when. I don’t program. :stuck_out_tongue:


Visual Studio Code is “just” a text editor. It’s quite extensible with all the addons, but it’s not VS IDE that’s on Windows. That being said, VS IDE is bloated crap (IMO) and VS Code is much better EVEN though it’s a fucking electron app.

The only reason to use VS IDE is to be able to do Windows UWP programs and/or XAML based UI.

Well I guess Unreal Engine 4 and Unity also integrate it well.


Oooo. lol.

Ignore what i said @Shambles :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


It’s going fine. I did accidentally nuke my OS, so I had to reinstall, and there were some odd audio issues that seemed to have gone away. Still having to use Windows for games is annoying, but I’m sure that won’t be a big deal soon enough.

Overall I’m liking it, but I’m still having growing pains every once in a while.


git good, read man. :wink: