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1 Year Linux Challenge



yumex-dnf was amazing, RIP


Yeah it’ll also kill ya @TeckMonster. Use Arch, that’s LSD, it’s not lethal and opens up your mind.


It’s unnecessary maintenance


I don’t maintain my Arch for month and month and it’s fine :man_shrugging:



But everything goes wrong eventually.


I am not gonna argue about this here.


Arch isn’t as much the problem as much as people trying to configure their obscure window managers with weaboo configs without reading the documentation.


The problem with Arch is that pacman can’t solve package conflicts on its own.


Ehh, my concern with it is the lack of sane defaults.


I really want to get into LFS and making micro-services.


Defaults for what? Why can’t you set it yourself, is your time worth money or something?


Three days ago windows decided to bluescreen on me because I removed leftover Nvidia drivers. Had enough of it and so here I am.


Welcome to the club. :smiley:


i want that t-shirt



Yeah, typically it is.

(nobody tell redgek that Arch is for neets)





Arch is for people who hate pre-installed shit, love to customize the system to their own liking, and like up-to-date software.

So control freaks and lunatics.



Who the fuck needs a filesystem anyway.



All you need, is a network connection.


this is magnificent