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1 Year Linux Challenge



Nah, unused RAM is wasted RAM, but apps should be better at sharing if needed
So cache as many tabs as the browser wants, but free them when things are tight…


The less RAM wasted by programs, the more RAM that is available for filesystem caching and other important things.


This is an argument for not provisioning too much ram, not for excusing stupid amounts of ram usage.


how do i enter this thingy?


@TeckMonster when will I see you in this list?


When I can get Manjaro successfully installed, and get it set up to a point where I feel comfortable using it as my 1st OS.


Enter your name in the op


Did you add yourself? I don’t see your name.

Inb4 I’m blind.


You don’t like fedora?



inb4 i haven’t


check now


I :eye: you


He’s a good boi, Arch-based or gtfo.



Yeah linux beat apple and windows !



bring back yum-extender then we can talk


What are you talking about?


Used to be the graphical package manager for DNF in fedora. Now they use dnfdragora


I’ve used Manjaro a few times and it has been really great. It’s basically Arch, but with a much more user friendly installer, and package manager, and if your wanting to look up how to do something it’s almost guaranteed to have been done on Arch and you can just follow that tutorial to a T and it’ll work… well so far for me it has.
The only thing keeping it off my main PC is I’m having trouble getting the bootable ISO to play nice with my Vega GPU.

I do have a 32bit laptop that I might be installing Fedora on, so maybe it’ll get me hooked, but so far I’m loving Manjaro.

Sorry for the slow reply. I read you post when I couldn’t reply and forgot to reply until now.


Yeah, I find dnfdragora to be completely trash. I just use bash.


It’s crack.

You were warned.