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1 Year Linux Challenge



I’ve been using Linux as my daily driver for a while now, but as I don’t remember when I started, I will concede my start date as today. Another year shouldn’t be that bad


Just installed Linux (Ubuntu) on my home PC and my laptop. I’ve just gotten tired to all the bloat and spyware Microsoft is putting on their platform. I found @wendell and the level1linux channel and they inspired me to make the switch.


Welcome to the forums and to Linux!



Ok, i’ve been here for some weeks but never could get rid of Windows Completely. Now, i’ve not booted my Windows Installation for a week. I’ve got my Games set up, Overwatch works good enough, Steam Play is decent and my Rocksmith works better than on Windows. I’m finally down.

I’ve added myself with a start date of today. I was using Linux for years, but always went back to windows when i needed to “do” something. I’m confident, that this is now done. I admit that i still keep my backup SSD with Win 10 on it if wine breaks with an update or anything goes south. I’ve set 29th of September as the date my Windows Installation will go. If i don’t need it until then, my Linux installation will move to the big SSD and Windows will finally be gone for good.

Oh, at work, i’ve made that switch months ago. Yes, i do use out Terminal Server for two applications i have to, but i don’t count that.

So yeah. 100% Linux from here on out!


I just reinstalled Fedora yesterday, because grub. Does that count for anything?


Hmm if anyone was counting this
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archlinux here


I’ve been an active Linux user for awhile now but haven’t officially joined the challenge until today. Better late than never I suppose.


this thread made me look at when i installed manjaro. Looks like i have clicked over a year on the 12th of august (or possibly the 8th of December unsure if the date formatting is Australian or american) either way its the longest i have stayed on a single distro.




Gr33tings, Sir may the force be with you.


Count me in, installed 23 sep. 2018


I am starting over today. Since any games I care about are available in Steam with Proton, and I’m mostly playing on the Xbox now anyways, and I cancelled my Adobe subscription two days ago, there’s basically no reason I can’t roll Linux full-time.

I’ll be using Solus on my desktop and my Lenovo T420. That MIGHT change, but not likely. I’ve been using it for several months now, non-exclusively, and it’s been the least hassle out of any distro I’ve tried with my hardware.

The only things that might be an issue are my Asus GL702VM and WoW. My Asus just does not seem to want to boot from a Linux USB no matter what I tweak in UEFI. And I’ve gotten WoW to work in Solus before with Lutris, but now it keeps crashing. I even deleted it and reinstalled with Lutris again and it’s not working. I don’t feel like putting too much work into that because I’ve been thinking about cancelling my sub anyways because I don’t find BfA to be all that great (I think WoW is becoming more of a nostalgia thing for me, rather than a game I can binge all weekend like I used to be able to). Maybe I’ll just stick to Dalaran WoW. There’s no updates for that, so it shouldn’t randomly break on me.


Did you add yourself to the OP?

I’m on mobile so I can’t tell.


Click on the teal colored pencil at the bottom of the first post.


Holy crap! It’s been over two years since I started! Damn! It’s been an awesome ride! I’m even dipping my toes into coding because of Linux!


Happy anniversary! :wedding:


I finished a 1 year Linux Challenge before it even started, but I guess I’m starting a new one.

Haven’t done much other than personalize and change the weird pseudo middle click to left click.


Nice wallpaper.

Kinda surprised your using 2gb of ram.


Probably Chrome.


It’s always the web browser that uses a duck ton of ram.

They should make them more minimal.