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1 Year Linux Challenge



Are you interested in posting a tutorial for this in the Linux section of the forum?! Dozens will be interested.


I’ve been using Linux exclusively for the better part of a year now on my system, what sparked it was when the Windows 10 creators update laid waste to my NAS setup and after hours of frustation trying to fix it I ragequit.

While I have many gripes about Linux as a desktop OS and it’s not something I usually recommend, I have to give credit where credit is due, and the system has been running rock steady 24/7 since I slapped linux on it.


What turned me was the constant updates that you could only avoid for so long.
Having my PC running 24.7 doing tasks and then one day checking it to find I couldn’t avoid a reboot due to updates pending install.

Also moving over to Linux I have started to use encryption for my drives and doing my best to move away from Google services too.

I have started by using Firefox over Chrome and trying to slowly ditch GMail in favor of ProntoMail


I posted something about it a good while ago. If you follow this link you may read about the procedure of injecting the driver into the firmware as well as my first attempts and results of the experiment. I haven’t come around to complete that blog post, actually. Maybe it’s time to do so. :smiley:


Would anyone like to test out a new way of tracking the challenge? I wouldn’t mind getting some feedback to see if it would be a good idea.


I’d be down. Are you thinking of anything specific?


i didn’t see any mention of rules. what are the rules?
Can i use windows on the company computer i use at work?
How may one enter and how many leave?
Is there a point in entering now that i have used linux on my laptops for a couple of years and did the full switch on my desktop a couple of months ago?

I would be up to try


Id like a way to track it it easier for the mods of course.

Unless AI has replaced the mods :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what I am working on.
@SlipperyVagoo @domsch1988

Give me a few days I’ll get it up and all the I go around it. It’s basically a spreadsheet with forms you can fill in to start the challenge and update it when completed. I can get some feedback for improvements and ideas then publish it for the challenge.


…It’s basically a spreadsheet with forms you can fill in to start the challenge and update it when completed…

So do we get shares from the Bitcoin miner that runs in the background of the spreadsheet? :wink:


Lol nah. Google sheets. And I figured the data might be interesting to come. Distros usedz completed/not completed etc.


i am the kind of person who starts out with little information and just add things as i go along and see the need. so i am bad at coming with info at the start.
One things is maybe “what distros did you use, for how long, why did you switch, would you come back” or something like that

with the distro choice have multiple entries just so if you used SUSE for 4 months ubuntu and fedora for something similar everyone can share what they feel about it and how it was to start out


Oh man, I’m here for almost 2 years and haven’t made it across this thread… oh boy.

Well… I use Linux for 7 years now, Fedora mostly but sometimes Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS but when I’m at work it’s all RHEL 5/6/7 so my “private” Distro of choice is Fedora.

Since last year I use windows again off / on when I’m gaming which isn’t that often and to be honest I use MacOS more than Win these days.


Hello, can I get in? I’ve been using Linux for a while. Last year I used it exclusively from like August to January, then I got a laptop that dual-booted to Windows 10 (ew), but it died like three months after that (still mourning it, that was a damn powerful laptop). Since then I’ve been dual-booting Ubuntu 18.04 and Debian Sid (Ubuntu if I have to borrow my laptop to, ahem, normies :eyes:, and Debian w/ suckless software because it’s really goddamn fun.)

Unrelated: does anyone know why I have to escape the ‘)’ when surrounding the parentheses with spoiler tags? Is it a Markdown thing?


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I have been using Linux off and on since 2009. I have recently switched full time to Fedora on my laptop which is in use all day everyday and my desktop is Windows 10 for work stuff but I live within a Fedora VM for all my internet browsing and general day to day stuff. Having a 8 Core Ryzen box with 32GB RAM is so great. I threw 8 cores and 16GB RAM at the VM and have the VM files on its own SSD in the system so it just flies. I just love working on Windows on one screen and Fedora on the other with zero slow down.


I’ve been using Linux since 2006-2007. Originally I was just sick of Windows XP and hated Windows Vista (which was released around that period) and was fed up with Windows as a whole. I stuck with Ubuntu from 2006 to 2012, then I jumped ship to Windows 7 mostly for gaming. I generally have been dual booting Windows and Linux on and off since 2012. But I found myself gravitating back towards Linux ever since the event of Windows 10. There are still some programs and games that I mainly kept Windows for.

With Steam’s new Proton, my reasons for sticking to Windows for gaming has become lessened ever further, and I have not booted in Windows for over a month now. Though I have been thinking that maybe my next PC build should be tailed for looking glass, so I can stick to just Linux as my main OS and just sand box Windows 7 (guessing Windows 10 does not work with looking glass?) for any application that would be a pain to get running in Linux.

I probably wouldn’t do the one year Linux challenge because I may still pop into Windows for various things. But if I did, it would be easier to do now than it was last year.


Is this challenge still available?
Four long years of exclusive Windows os use has pushed me back into Linux exclusively.
The challenge I have for myself, to stick to it. I’m able to get every game I play going with lutris, I’ve tinkered with Linux in the past but always had Windows to fall back on. No more. I’ve broken distros so badly in the past that I’ve learned from those mistakes. The real challenge that really gets my brain juices flowing, I’m using ryzen, exclusively. Far from an early adapter, I’m still catching up. I’ve found a calling here at level 1. @wendell and his gaming on Linux videos gave me hope for this journey and more to look forward to learning in the future.


Yes it is.

I think you can edit OP and add yourself as a participant in the list.