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1 Year Linux Challenge



found the older nick in the list. I amrobridinghood (what a poopy name lol) I have been on linux exclusively for 2… years now or something. You may add another one to the completed pile. distro: openSuse Leap.


edit: pls no badges:)


You could add yourself if you would like. Scroll down post one, and in the bottom right corner their is an edit button and you can then write yourself in. Just be sure to hit the save button. :smiley:

Nice job bro! :1st_place_medal: I hope there are many more for you.


Thanks! Somebody already moved my name, thank you!

It was actually thanks to You guys. Everyone was nix-fu fighting on the IRC channel and i felt left out so I just… I just had to fire up a toy ubuntu install not to feel too bad about myself.

It remained mostly an object of curiosity until Windows pooped itself during an update while I needed to do some work so one thing led to another… .Anyway weeks later, by the time I got the free time to reinstall W. I was already too cozy with my shiny nix to relocate back to Microsoftia. shrugs


Wow, the one year challenge huh. Well¬

I’ve been using Linux in various flavours on my laptop for a great many years. Usually I end up back at Ubuntu because of various configuration problems on other distros, it’s one of the huge problems I’ve seen with linux over the years, if it truly wants to make it to the mainstream and into ‘everyday’ computers then it really has to find a way to allow full configuration without the terminal;

I can’t tell you how many problems I’ve had just trying to get a VPN to work! (Incidently, that’s one reason I haven’t updated to 18.04 yet) but I’m ranting of course.

As far as on my daily driver(Desktop) I’ve had it dual booting with Zorin for a while, but never really feel an inclination to log the linux partition, I went with Zorin because it was touted as being configured with Wine out of the box, which is true to a point; but trying to customise the way it looks is a nightmare and another reason why I don’t really use it. Reinstalling another Distro (and subsequent configuration problems), again is a time-sink and I don’t think it’s a good use of the time.

Just a few thoughts…


Edited it to reflect when my one year was. Has been a wonderful ride. Can’t say enough about taking this challenge.


This time around i been using linux just slightly over 3 years.I ran arch for 1 and a half. Then ran lfs for 2 months. Currently running gentoo as my main distro now. I had tried fedora/ubuntu/debian but it just never felt right to me.


Thanks for that, I thought I’d missed the boat, and had been using Linux in vain the last few years :grin:


i was on here since was primarily using windows 10. Ive been a long time windows user since 3.1. However, win10’s telemetry and bloatware made me hate it… after watching Wendels discustions on tek linux channels and seeing this thread ive been slowly moving to linux. started out with ubuntu, then arch drew my attention…

started with antergos, tried manjaro but that was a bad experience…then tried debian, fedora, and ended up back to arch pure.

I ran into an issue that kept me going back and forth which was i switched to a desktop > razer blade stealth > razer core. which is a nightmare for nvidia drivers…

now i run my main pc with (pure) arch, and work on my backend .net work using a vm(win10), Also set up a home server setup w/ pfsense, and 3x ubuntu servers for cloud, plex, and VT/containers. I would say offically I’ve been converted… thanks @wendell and @Level1Tech team! ive learned allllllot


what vpn provider are you using? or are you trying to remote vpn ia openvpn?


Sorry for resurrecting a post from the grave, why did you stop using Arch? I have been using it for a month now and honestly love it!!!

Just asking out of interest sake and not - Use this distro else you are dumb or - My distro’s better than yours or any of that!


mostly because i wanted to try other distros before trying somethings new, im stuck on arch too. just personal pref


I have only dabbled with antergos, and Arch does seem powerful, versatile, and shiny, with constant updates.
Use it for a while, and you will find it breaks often in little ways, which are often fixed easily/ quickly.

I mean to say; It’s not bleeding edge for nothing. :slight_smile:


So im declaring my 1 year linux (i know finally right? XD) to be to learn NixOS enough to have it be a daily driver.


Yea, I’m expecting to run into some little issues with time. Guess that is the price for having up to date packages. Still the benefits outweigh the bad (I think - only time can tell).

Well I have been working on Linux for years but I’ll modify the challenge to - 1 Year Arch Challenge, for myself and lets see how it goes!


I’m not sure if you were replying to me Ctrl_Null, but I was using Private Internet Access for a while, then switched to the Open VPN based NordVPN. I now know that I had to install an Open VPN module to the Ubuntu Network manager install. It struck me as odd that it wasn’t included by default. C’est La Vie!


that is strange, i figured that it would come as a base package with networkmanager. i just realized the date on your post. glad you got it figured out


honestly once i got the hang of it ive had little issue. the only time i ran into major problems is when i used arch for a plex server without downloading arch-lts. that took a while to trouble shoot when I had it unplugged for a few months then opened it back up. but it was still running well… just the updates…


I did it! it’s been 1 year after I switched over to Linux and I am still here. Unbelievable…

A lot of stuff happened in the meantime. I became an active member here and the VFIO discord server, and met a lot of awesome people. That gave me the impulse of wanting to share so I began helping others on their journey to set up GPU-Passthrough in KVM. And thanks to my curiousity I discovered a lot of nifty tricks to make using a VM as your daily driver a round experience overall.

I even wrote my entire bachelor thesis on Linux which was all about the idea of building a corporate structure solely based on open source software and ditching the Microsoft ecosystem where it hurts your pocket the most… and yes, I passed! :smile:

Meanwhile I am becoming more and more interested in the matter the further I go down the rabbit hole. I managed to make my PC boot from ZFS via EFISTUB by injecting the GRUB driver into my firmware. Coming next, I want to run a Selinux enabled, headless Gentoo installation on it but that still has quite some work ahead of it.

Thank you for this great opportunity to discover something truly awesome! This challenge was a huge success in my books!


some time ago i grew sick of osx. back then i switched to that because i bought an iphone and somewhere around the iphone 3gs i switched everything to apple. osx looked so good back then. everything was pretty and just worked. so i grew older and started to see the errors and problems with apple. i knew ill never switch back to windows so i went open source. i installed ubuntu on my mac mini and started off.

now im a little over a year with ubuntu. i learned a lot in that time and i can use it. but i still feel like a noob. there’s a lot i can do on my system but even more things i don’t know. every time i encounter problems i ask other people. which led to me being copy pasting everything. whenever something went wrong i would find solutions on forums and i would copy code and follow instructions.

but i never got beyond. im not much smarter than with osx. i never understood how to fix things on my own or even find the problem in the first place. i still cant fix a lot of things and just worked around that.

so i’m taking this challenge. in hopes to really understand my computer and not just use it. i want to feel comfortable inside the terminal and not panic every time i brake stuff or thing won’t work


Adding myself to the list as of today.

Installed Ubuntu 18.04 and wiped my Windows installation.
Only really play CSGO and that is natively supported and the rest if document work on my PC.

I look forward to the adventure