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1 Year Linux Challenge



Still using Fedora at work on my machine and RHEL on the servers. Ubuntu on my personal machines and CentOS for my personal lab.

I really want to get my hands on Mac-Unix, but first I'll have to find two grand just laying around...


I've seen this thread around, though haven't been involved much, so I guess I'll 'add'.

I've been using Linux for just under two years now. I'm currently typing this on my laptop running Manjaro KDE. A desktop at the house is currently running Ubuntu MATE (but not for long, that's up in the air.) Another laptop is running Solus, and another is running OpenSUSE with GNOME.

If anyone's interested in the history there, I'll brag that it was an instant transition to Linux. I moved from Windows to Linux immediately with no contingency plan. I started by installing Xubuntu, wiping my HDD on an HP 2000 Notebook. I hopped from distro to distro for a good six hours, and never looked back. :smiley: I used Linux Mint 17.3 with the Xfce desktop for about 10 months, toying with other things in the meantime. I'm really loving KDE, though GNOME used to be my favorite DE to run.

Oh, I'll let you in on a little secret... I'm actually a huge fan of Solus. Who would've thought...

PSPSPS: My distro is better than your distro... lil bitch <3


I have a yosimite installation usb that I got from a friend when he needed to re-image his macbook.
I'll dd that shit and send you the iso if you want.


Boom !!!


I've been using GNU/Linux since 2006 or 7, but I finally ditched Windows completely 18 months ago when I sold my gaming PC. I started with Ubuntu, then switched to Arch around 2009. In 2015, I got sick of fixing Arch every fortnight and switched to Debian. After I sold my gaming rig, I built a low power consumption desktop (110W idle, 160W at load!) and switched back to Ubuntu. I switched over to KDE Neon after Canonical announced they were moving Ubuntu to GNOME. Sadly, I still have to use Windows at University, as they only have a small Linux lab.


i had never heard of solus so watched a few videos. Was enough to make me ditch mint (been running it for probably 10 years off and on)

so far other than the package manager being a tad slow its been really good.


so i have been on solus for 3 days and other than a few small hiccups which are easily fixed it has been flawless.

At this stage i would recommend anyone who is contemplating the switch to run it as shit just works. Even amd graphics straight out of the box.


Just installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on June 22, 2017.
This is being installed on my Asus Laptop which is my daily driver, but I do have a Windows 7 desktop as well. I plan on switching that over to Linux once I become more familiar with Linux, and have less learning to do.


I find Software Center in Solus is pretty slow when installing and updating the 3rd party applications, but for the native stuff, it really fast for me.
I have also heard they are now supporting "Flatpack" packages, which I am unfamiliar with so I'm going to be looking into that and learning about it very soon.
Glad to see someone else enjoying Solus. It really is one of the best experiences I've had yet in Linux.


Welcome to freedom !

Please do not hesistate to post questions here. Many of us can help.

I currently have Libreoffice as a Flatpak on Fedora 25. You do have to use flatpak update to update packages.


Writing you guys while my file backup is being copied over to my new "/home".

I did it! I've done the great escape from Windows 10 to Arch Linux on ZFS. Don't mind the single drive I am using right now. I will add a mirror drive pretty soon. :slight_smile:

Next step is enabling IOMMU and setting up a Windows VM for my games. Already tested and it works great.



Do I need to have a post here for a year before I get the user badge or can I have it earlier, because I have been using Linux for a while already. :wink:


Single drive

You'll be fine with just one drive, provided that its not already failing. And you don't store data that you really care about.


half (70/140) steam games I have, have direct linux native compatibility. I suggest trying this first because you go down that difficult road.


That's true but I want the mirror for scrubbing and parity. I also have my backup on NAS storage.

Yeah, I know. Unfortunately I am playing an MMO from which I know it won't run on Linux. Also my GTX 1070 still does not play well with Linux.
Don't worry about the complexity, I spent quite some time figuring it out on a test drive. It can use a little more tweaking but the VM and GPU work well.

What really held me back was that damn broadcom chipset for my WiFi card that didn't work with any of the drivers. It was a brcmfmac4366c.
The solution to this was quite the revelation to me. I offloaded the WiFi to a router I flashed with LEDE and added the WAN side as client to our ISP's proprietary router and masked the LAN side. The positive side-effects: I can use SQM and provide every other device in this room easily with Internet.


Well I am now taking part, here we go aboard Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 (because GPU support (I have a 7970) )

>Takes the time to install Arch and ZFS
>Still uses gnome

[Screams in wasted potential]


still has windows vm

Shame on them


No, that’s perfectly fine.