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1 Year Linux Challenge



If no one gets you added I'll put you on the post in a couple of days when Im at a bigger screen again.


Thank you @Eden


@Eden to the rescue !


so i installed linux ubuntu on my main rig in either August? or September? of last year and played around then dual booted windows and linux mint because i did not like using a OS that had amazon built in day one and i like a lot of the features of mint better. went like this for a few months bothered by windows not playing nice with linux drives and messing with the uefi every time i wanted to switch. eventually i decided to get a second pc for linux and keep my gaming rig with windows. took a few months but i eventually had linux running on a apu build next to the windows one sharing the monitors in the middle. the next month i got a laptop and installed mint cinnamon. if you count the running 2 linux machines as double time it more then makes up for the shipping time when i had only windows. if you dont im at like 11 months/12? this is my linux story and it never woulda happened without tek syndicate. im working on getting compait+ cert atm which also would have never happened without tek syndicate so thankyou.


Got it... But not sure of the purpose of adding if we don't get feedback after a year.


There are people here wanting to add/contribute, but having their name n the list is something they would want as well... It adds to the feeling of accomplishment i guess...

I'm actually considering starting up a "Bash Challenge" or "Python Challenge" due in part to this thread, so thanks for the inspiration !

Oh good to see back you on the forum as well !


I've officially cut my main home computer over to Ubuntu. My new job surprisingly uses Ubuntu as well so I'm pretty sure that in a year's time I'll still be using Linux in some flavour


If I missed anyone please, let me know..


I have finally install debian on my main / gaming rig, making it my last PC to be converted to linux, and making my windows drive only good for windows only games.
My hope is to at some point soon, rebuild / update my rigs or at least put a second gpu into this one so I can use pass-thru and only use the windows drive in virtualization instead of dual booting.


Im well on why way too 2 years. :)


I am on Linux for a year now, feel free to notch that counter higher. I hope a large crowd helps others find the courage to start working on this unbinded OS. It is really not that big of a hassle. The Linux ecosystem isn't difficult to comprehend, things are just not familiar at first. Keep an open mind and the pieces will fall into their places quickly enough.



Right on Rob! I've been using mainly a debian based (almost straight debian) for just over a year now as well, and once you get comfortable with it, it feels way more comfortable than windows or osx ever were! :) I still tripleboot though and can't (or won't I should say) completely drop my other OSs (Linux, OSX, Win)... Mainly because I develop software that I like to have work on the 3 main used platforms! :)

The future would be bleak if we only had win and osx, thank god for the Linux Kernel! It will allow us to keep windows and osx in line, and prevent them from going to far away from where they need to be! For example if windows becomes to restrictive and tyrannical (as it is becoming now) more and more people will feel the absolute need to break free from those chains, and INSTALL LINUX! :D It's great that there is a way out of the software prison big corps are trying to place us into, that's why we needed it all along! It did take me a little while to realize it though, only have since about a year ago, but sure glad I did!

I answered the Penguins question!

Yeeheee! The future is bright, when we are the ones who have control of it, when we take back control of it from our oppressors! :D


Switched to Linux just about a year ago from Windows 8.1 when I found my PC had upgraded itself to Windows 10. I was DONE with windows and made it my life goal to Make Linux my daily driver. At first, I started out with Linux Mint 17.3 Mate. Everything was extremely easy to grasp and before long I found myself fixing almost every single usability problem I had. The biggest Hurdle was figuring out how to overclock my Qnix X-star 1440p monitor with the proprietary Nvidia drivers like I had done on Windows. Took a lot of research but I did it. After Mint 18 came out, I decided to go on a distro search again and landed on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04. I'm currently typing from it now, with over half of my steam library completely playable. I've been doing a small side business in rooting people's android phone's and installing microg (open source gapps) and have had a MUCH better time using adb and fastboot commands. I remember on windows I had to download fastboot drivers from sketchy sources and manually set windows to use them for the phone that was plugged in. Not anymore. Fuck the NSA I'm never going back to windows 10.


Give Fedora 24 a shot. Very good implementation of Gnome 3.20


So its been more than a year with my ubuntu 14.04LTS version, life is so much better now without any problems or bug or virus :D

Everything is super stable and just awesome.

Its nice to complete the challenge but I wont be moving away from linux anytime soon.


But the extensions list just keeps getting on bigger and bigger..

I have quite a few now. The newest one is the Twitch notify extension, which is nice.


I am still using Linux, and uninstalled Windows from my HDD on July 4th, 2016. I did a lot of distro hopping, but am using Manjaro i3 currently (Aug 24, 2016). :)


Quite honestly, I've decided to do this myself without finding this forum post. But I will say, so far I'm impressed.

I decided to start with Ubuntu. Because the way the UI is situated, and laid out seems to somehow speak to me. I spent a great deal of time looking at different distros and watching Linux related videos on YouTube before I made my decision. And on top of this, since Linux is generally pretty small from what I see, and takes up very little room, I may try a few other distros too.

My main machine at the moment is dual booted with Windows 10. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE Windows 10. I've always BEEN an avid Windows guy, but I figured I'm not getting any younger, and it seems Linux is picking up steam much faster than ANY other OS I've seen. So I figureed, what the hell. Might as well learn it now, and be prepared for when it takes over the world!

So here lies my first day's foray into the world of Linux. Ubuntu more accurately, and am hoping I'm not disappointed.


Bookmarking this.

Going to build a new rig soon, and I need to learn Linux. I tried some time ago on this system, the sound stopped working, I gave up and installed Windows 7 again. Biggest issue was I didn't have any resources about how to fix the issue.


I may jump in depending on how Fedora handles hardware passthrough. Well...not much more of a "switch' for me as I'm typing this in my laptop running Arch, but my gaming rig could benefit from this; crossing fingers for Fedora and AMD to deliver.

You guys won't regret switching at all, trust me ;)