1 Year Linux Challenge: Contemplation Edition

I didn't take the challenge, but I've been using Linux almost exclusively (except for a passthrough VM for games and Skype for Business) for the last 2 to 3 years and started my foray into Linux at the age of 12. In my house, it's 100% Linux or BSD on the metal.

I don't want to take the "token of appreciation" from those who actually participated in the challenge, but I'd be willing to write an article this weekend about my day-to-day on Linux. I think some people would find it very interesting. Especially, considering I'm the only person at my company who's been allowed to reformat his AD-connected laptop and put OpenSUSE (probably moving to Solus in a couple weeks) on it. There were some unique challenges to overcome regarding that.


I've been using Linux for quite a long time, The first distribution of Linux I ever used was Ubuntu 8.04 LTS which is almost 9 years ago and my perspective and how I do things has changed a lot over the years and I feel it would be hard for me to quantify it. It would be easier for me to go into my current setup and what I have planned for the future but I feel that my past experiences with Linux could be of some value, I've learned a lot and made my fair share of mistakes but 9 years is a long time and its hard finding the words or knowing where I should start.

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started out with ubuntu and quicky changed to mint. no way im having amazon built in on a linux machine. right now i have 2 linux machine and when my new ssd arrives im going to have 3. im not quite ready to completely swear off windows but i see the day coming soon and im looking forward to it. my parents use linux now too. still on mint but im going to try out kali and maybe a few others. been reading up on the recent amd drivers and i like the idea of being able to get more out of my hardware with a better Os that uses fewer resources and a better driver.

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I use Linux for more then 10 years now (use as in main). In specific Fedora. Think its one of the few OS that just do what you expect from a OS. With the option to go deeper into code if you want to but you don't need to. Fedora has done a exceptional job in creating a good structured organisation to deliver a good OS every 6 months with new improved ways to work with you Computer.

New is not always better but i enjoy that Fedora tries to keep things fresh and in most of the them the improvement that they do are good improvements. Not Like Windows that fucks up the entire GUI so you have to click 10 times more to switch on or of an option!

In my experience Linux in general does what you expect from a real computer and not lock you up in some kind of VTECH experience (APPLE!!!!) You can look and manipulate you own computer if you want to. You can just see WHAT THING does WHAT and WHY does it WHAT it needs to and WHY it does it on a specific TIME.

BSD Distro's (Dragonfly/NetBSD/FreeBSD (i use)) is a good alternative but it feels like they are couple years behind Fedora. They are well structured but boring in my eyes and they aren't as FREE and Open as Linux is.

Just think this is my experience after years of Linux.
It's how i look @ it. Your experience may vary.

@Eden.... For freedom!


this post is about moving people onto linux and getting them into the mindset the linux is more than just a windows replacement. Windows programs do not work natively but wine can be a pain in the ass to get working

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I have been using Linux for the past 4 years in all my personal systems. I use windows only for my office work (which is a company owned hp laptop).

Here's mine!


I helped out with Fedora Users questions on the Tek Syndicate original thread.
Would be happy to help here. Been a daily Linux user for 4 years now. Work in Open Source in IT. Just do not ask Ubuntu questions!

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What's that distro by canonical called? I have a few things I need cleared up about it and you said you were keen to help


** Goes to get *Unsupported stick. *** :grin:

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But my good buddy Mark S. told me it was the one to go with.

What's an init system? is that like mir?

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IDK Sir, I have never installed GNU/LINUX.

GNU? is that like unity?

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Will do mine here soon just dont know what do to it about.
Might do mine about how linux made me understand the importance of open source and how it made linux successful


You probably know this by now, but GNU stands for "GNU is Not Unix". It's a recursive acronym. The GNU project is the Linux project. Essentially.

Looking forward to it.

I've been using Linux since about the middle of last year, so I guess I'm nearing the 1 year Linux Challenge's end this Summer.

I started with Arch linux and still use it over most other distros today, although my workstation at work is on Fedora for ease of use reasons. Not really sure if I'll write about my experience although I feel like I do have some notable things to mention that I've learned.

ive used like 5-6 years so no clue on what to do it

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I used pure Linux for about a year out of necessity. I was 14 years old, just finished building my budget Gaming PC but realized that I didn't have enough cash for Windows 7. I installed a version of Ubuntu GNOME LTS on my pure AMD gaming rig and installed as many compatible games as possible. There was a struggle with driver issues, but I eventually figured it out and had no issues being completely open-source. It also gave me some nice bragging rights to my nerdy friends. I eventually replaced it with Windows 10 for gaming but still dual boot with Ubuntu GNOME to this day.

I think one of my proudest achievements during that year of Linux gaming was after months of head bashing and blind key pressing, I finally figured out how to turn on the LED's on my keyboard (I wasn't the smartest 14-year-old.)

I think one of the issues that still hasn't been fixed is the awful drivers for AMD GPUs in Ubuntu, I spent months struggling to get my 7970 to run games at a fair FPS and still occasionally run into bugs.

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