1 Year Linux Challenge: Contemplation Edition

Hey 1 Year Linux Challengers!

We thought about an idea.

What we'd love to see is for everyone who's taken the 1 Year Linux Challenge and passed a year, or is close to doing so (Or if you've been using Linux for years and want to join in as well), is to make a new blog post and talk about your experience on Linux. (put it in the blog category and tag it with 1-year-linux, and link it here)

The more detail the better!

Tell us about the distro you used/are using. What hardware your using it on. How much your using it. What its replaced for you if anything. Challenges, problems, the good and bad.

Tell us about how you got on, did you get help? How? Who helped, how did you solve your problems.

Whats better on Linux than your other OS'. How has it changed over a year. Your favourite distro, favourite DE, favourite people, and things you've learned about Linux over your challenge.

You get the idea, we want to know it all and the more detail the better! I'd love to see some thought and detail so that others can see how peoples experiences are with Linux.

There may even be a little token of appreciation for those who've done the challenge and posted a nice thought out blog about it.

And if your currently doing the challenge.. I'd encourage you to make a blog post and keep it up to date with your Linux adventure.

(if you know one of the Linux challengers, pass this on to them. I don't want to mass message them all :P)

List of Contemplations






Looking forward to seeing some write-ups!

Get that sweet L1T forum swag! :D


Does using BSD void the challenge?

Always feel weird with writing personal stuff.

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What did you start the challenge with? Ending up on BSD I think we'll say doesnt void it. Can always say how you got form Linux to BSD.

(I've never used BSD on my desktop..)

Oh I use a mix. But I have about 9 machines....


It was tongue in cheek, check the blur spoiler.

@Adobe_Flash_Player I'm in the same boat, been using linux since I can remember. My main transition recently has been testing TrueOS as a daily driver, and the experience of moving from linux to that, which on the whole has been a net positive.

Might be showing my age but SunOS was my first foray into the world of *nix


Not at all. For me it was Freebsd 4 point something, and Solaris. also, we need you in the bsd appreciation thread ;)

I would really like to see some stuff about that.
So i dont think it would void the challenge as far as i´m concerned.

I still fail to see how this was hard to do ? :)

  1. install linux
  2. set it up
  3. use linux
  4. update it when needed
  5. Your stuff stays as configured :)


Ok, made a blog


I didn't take the challenge, but I've been using Linux almost exclusively (except for a passthrough VM for games and Skype for Business) for the last 2 to 3 years and started my foray into Linux at the age of 12. In my house, it's 100% Linux or BSD on the metal.

I don't want to take the "token of appreciation" from those who actually participated in the challenge, but I'd be willing to write an article this weekend about my day-to-day on Linux. I think some people would find it very interesting. Especially, considering I'm the only person at my company who's been allowed to reformat his AD-connected laptop and put OpenSUSE (probably moving to Solus in a couple weeks) on it. There were some unique challenges to overcome regarding that.


I've been using Linux for quite a long time, The first distribution of Linux I ever used was Ubuntu 8.04 LTS which is almost 9 years ago and my perspective and how I do things has changed a lot over the years and I feel it would be hard for me to quantify it. It would be easier for me to go into my current setup and what I have planned for the future but I feel that my past experiences with Linux could be of some value, I've learned a lot and made my fair share of mistakes but 9 years is a long time and its hard finding the words or knowing where I should start.

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started out with ubuntu and quicky changed to mint. no way im having amazon built in on a linux machine. right now i have 2 linux machine and when my new ssd arrives im going to have 3. im not quite ready to completely swear off windows but i see the day coming soon and im looking forward to it. my parents use linux now too. still on mint but im going to try out kali and maybe a few others. been reading up on the recent amd drivers and i like the idea of being able to get more out of my hardware with a better Os that uses fewer resources and a better driver.

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