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1 over 3 & DisplayFusion

I now have 3 GTX 980 Ti. MB only does 3-way crossfire & 2 way SLI. lol, mental midget. # on the bottom in surround 5760X1080. I use DisplayFusion and sometimes the taskbar will randomly move to the side and I have it locked. What gives? Oh, I am also l☼☼king for a MB with 4 way SLI LGA 1150.

PCPartPicker says there are non in stock. I would not be surprised, but at least it gives you a nice list…

uhm… why?
On one hand Nvidia had their surround monitor technology or something, and on another hand I have not installed anything additional as software go and I am still running multi monitor setup just fine.
You need a specific feature or something?

Socket 1150 has 20 pcie lanes so anything more than 2 way SLI will start bottlenecking your GPUs on that socket.

You would probably get more performance from a single 2070 super than your triple 980s… Although if they have water blocks that would look cool I suppose.

No sir. Just seeing how high I can get on 3DMARK.

Right on. Thank you.

I guess I’ll move up to these, Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2 2.7GHz 30MB 12-Core 8.0GT/s 130W LGA2011 SR19H, ASUS P9X79-E WS Full Speed 4-way SLI Supports 2011-V2 DDR3.

Wow. I really need to proof read before i post. My set up now is 1 over 3 with the 3 in surround 5760x1080.

DisplayPort MST might be able to solve your problem without using 3+ GPUs. for 3x1920x1080 at 60hz, MST from 1 to 3 ports should be enough. 144Hz is where you can only MST to 2 displays off of one port.

Nice board if you already own it and want to stretch it’s legs for another couple of years. I wouldn’t invest in that hardware today if buying this to build “new” though as it is overpriced given the age and feature set.

Genuinely the ~$200 motherboard and ~$250 CPU will perform worse than a mid tier Ryzen board (b450) that you can pick up for under $100 and use with a $200 CPU (2700x is on sale in my market) and as above, a single 2070 will outperform your 4way or triple sli setups. It will also use a fraction of the power.

I use a socket 2011 rig (2690 v1) for my windows workstation and it is functional but no nvme support and lack of modern CPU features (plus power use) means it is the last vintage intel X series I will ever build.

Sorry if this is a negative post and I don’t want to undermine your plans. I agree that 4way GPU setups look cool in waterloops. Just suggesting an alternative strategy.

Yeah, my 4960X is already so slow in AVX instructions for modern games even with an overclock.

Well that’s a bummer. I’ll keep l°°king for a LGA 1150 with 4 way SLI. I want to see how high I can get on 3DMARK with 4 GTX 980Ti. I saw an old Newegg video with 4 GTX 980.