1 or 2 KVM for 3 monitor setup, looking to sometimes split monitors between machines

Hey all, I have 3 monitors and 2 machines. I want to be able to alternate between the following setups:

  1. Machine A uses all 3 monitors
  2. Machine B uses all 3 monitors
  3. Machine A uses 1st monitor while Machine B uses 2nd and 3rd monitor

To do this, will I need a 1-monitor-2-machine KVM and another 2-monitor-2-machine KVM? Or is the 3-monitor-2-machine KVM capable of doing this? Thanks!

As for the simple solution, most monitors have Multiple inputs so you could have the following

  1. DVI to all 3 monitors to KVM
  2. HDMI on Monitor 1 to Machine A.

So when you want both machines up, you switch the KVM to Monitor B, and Switch the input on Monitor 1 to HDMI.

This doesn’t solve keyboard/mouse/peripheral access on Machine A though.

The easiest way to take care of that is to Have a 2nd KVM for all 3 monitors with the HDMI, and the switch inputs as you want on the machines. However this is not much different then NO KVMs, two keyboards, two mice, and just switching inputs.

Remember for KVMS its specifically about 1 set of peripherals to multiple machines. Monitor + keyboard + mice, So it depends on your wants.

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