1 monitor gpu +1 monitor igpu (Ubuntu 16.04)

Hello folks! Im a new ubuntu user. On windows 10 i have setup one monitor plugged on gpu and one on the motherboard (i-gpu). Working as extended displays. im trying to replicate this on ubuntu but no luck. i can only manage to get only one at a time to work. but not both together. Do we have any solution? Im noob btw plz halp /

i have an i3 3220 and a 960 4gb

If your 960 has more than one display output you could solve the problem by just plugging both monitors in the graphics card.

Multimonitor on the same graphics card works no problem in Ubuntu ;)

both my monitors are vga. and my 960 has 1 dvi-i, moba has vga. :)

you could do something like this

to make it simple this is my setup on win10 i want to do the same on ubuntu http://imgur.com/ayJFBUa

To have a robust and easy solution use adapters from the outputs of the graphics card to vga. Your current setup might be configurable in ubuntu but it is not worth the trouble of setting it up as the adapter solution is way simpler and more robust.

As your GTX 960 has DVI outputs you can use two of such inexpensive adapter from DVI to VGA.

If you have only 1 DVI output there are many inexpensive adapters from HDMI and DP to VGA on which you can attach the other monitor. (see post #4 for example).

Hope that this answers your question.

Guys thanks for the replies. but you all sugested to buy adapters. my hardware is capable of doing the 2 monitor setup on win10. i dont understand why is it so dificult to replicate it on ubuntu. as i said before this is my setup on win10 -----> http://imgur.com/ayJFBUa <-----