1 monitor for gaming & 1 for other stuff at same time?

I have a couple of monitors but if I'm in game and i click at all in the other screen it minimizes the game, which is annoying. is there a way to do this besides having another computer ?

Im assuming windows maybeh 8?? or 7?

I run Linux and use Steam  and simply assigned a display to the console and one to X

Not sure how to fix this problem for you without knowing more about what software your using.

im on 8.1 

I have win 7 but I think it works the same on all OS. Just run all your games in borderless-window and everthing should be fine and dandy. There is a launch option in steam that let´s you run (only Source game as far as I know) in borderless-window. I have forgotten since I did a long time ago, just google it 

hope it helps

No, unless you run your games in borderless windowed mode, but only sometimes it'll work.

As Beheeemoth points out it needs to be in border-less window mode, and again as he states, that only sometimes works. The problem is rooted in how each developer chooses to program the games graphics engine, i.e. what display mode to use. Certain modes tell the GPU to stop rendering the GUI on the screen your using for gaming to free up gpu cycles. And in order to interact with the GUI again, regardless of whether you can see the GUI on another screen, the game has to stop what its doing to allow the GUI to come back into focus. 

My solution for this in the past was to use a second computer running windows and Synergy with my second monitor. Synergy allows you to use a single mouse on multiple PC's via a network link. I had it set up so that on the PC with my game running, synergy would keep the game in focus if the mouse left the screen to go to my second PC, preventing it from minimizing. this had the advantage of allowing me to run all my other programs on the secondary PC, freeing up all of my resources on the primary for gaming. But then again there's the obvious disadvantage of requiring two whole PC's to work, something not everyone has available.

I'm not sure any of that helps, but hopefully that helps you understand why its happening.


alright thanks for the help, atm I don't have two pc's so window mode will have to work for now.