1 Mini SAS to 4 SATA on 1 SATA port - possible?

Hi guys´n gals and anything around´n between,

I have a lot 2.5" and 3,5" drives that I don´t use and I have a case they all would fit in. Got some random FM2 board and dual core cpu + all the stuff a computer needs to live (bright sun light, smooth jazz music, etc).
There are a lot more drives than SATA ports. There are SATA-splitter cables on Amazon that are 1 Mini-SAS to 4 SATA.
Could I just buy one or two of those and be a happy camper?
I know that the connectors are compatable and I don´t care for performance. This thing would just be a network attached data-vault running linux and more of a little side-project for fun, so if hot girls come to my flat I could say something like: "Look. There´s a thing. I didn´t know if it would work but the guys at teksyndicate forum helped out with their vast knowledge regarding "things"."
You know, the usual stuff...

Is a Mini-SAS to 4 SATA cable going to work on a normal SATA port and would the OS see all the drives?

The only mini-SAS connector that even mentions SATA compatibility is the SFF-8482 one . That being said, as far as I understand, it still requires a mini-SAS port on your motherboard, which I doubt it has.

Your best bet probably is looking for a SATA HBA (Host Bus Adaptor). Plugs into one of your PCIe slots.

Thanks for the quick response, I probably got something mixed up in my mind regarding SAS/SATA connectors. I´ll look into the SATA HBA stuff.