1 GBit Internet

A few days ago I got the 1 Gbit/s internet from my provider. I bought it only because it was extremely cheap not because I needed it. Now here's the question: what cool stuff can I do with such internet speed? Would it be feasible to buy a server machine and run it at home instead of renting one?

This is more of a question for Wendell since I'm sure he has gigabit internet or at least he used it somewhere.

Oh, for the audience: if you guys want great internet, I say, come to Romania, it's ridiculously cheap (~15 euros/month for gigabit).

Thanks for the videos full of entertainment and useful news you guys provide, keep up the good work!

Well, having 1gbit internet, I would probably provide conectivity for all my neighbours and would start running VPN server or something. In fact Im now using VPN thats connected to Romania and I can see why they can offer such services.

I find you very fortunate to be able to have such fast conectivity, you can do anything you can even think of doing.

Seed a ton of legal torrents.

wow that's dirt cheap, and I thought I got a good deal, mines SGD 49.99/month which is around 30 euros.

The only problem is I'm really bad at coming up with ideas...

A VPN sounds like a pretty good idea. :)

Forgot to mention that, although my download speed is 1 GBit/s I only get about 14-15 MB/s upload, so it's not too viable to seed on huge amounts of torrents.

and theres me paying 17euro for 120mbits

$20 for 10mbits downs and 1 up

If you set up your business, I will come work for you :)