1 computer, AMD + NVidia GPU

Hello Level1Techs friends,

Long Time no see, since my post in 2015 I actually have fallen in love with Linux as a daily workhoarse and general computing machine

I have committed the great Linux sin and go an nvidia GPU while also wanting wayland + fractional scaling. to offset this i am more than happy to get my hands on something like a 5600xt (or something comparable from AMD) to alleviate this situation assuming i can get my hands on something

My oriignal plan was to constantly physically swap my 3080 with the AMD GPU as i would be gaming once every 2 weeks now but then i seemed to remember something along the lines of a level1techs video of people putting in both and then doing fancy things like passing through an nvidia GPU into a VM directly etc etc

Does anyone have the latest material in regards to that? current compatibility? I want to either run popos or fedora 34(yes i know its in beta i have other laptops for work that im more than happy to continue to use in the meantime)

hope all is well with all of you and apologies if i didnt put this in the correct place, i spent like 10 minutes looking through all the categories then eventually just chose this

VFIO is the term you are looking for!