1.65 V Ram for Sandy Bridge

Is it safe to be using 1.65 V Ram with sandy bridge. Ive read everything from its perfectly safe to its gonna kill my Cpu, and moderates in between saying only long term use of 1.65 V memory will damage my CPU. Im after a conlusive answer since im lookiung to upgrade my 2x2 gb kit @ 1600, 1.5V for a 2x4gb kit at 2133 which means going to 1.65V.  Im using a i5 2500k and an asus p8p67 (possibly looking to move to Maximus Gene V so i can downsize my build a little)

ram @1.65v is fine for that board.

Thanks for youre reply, much appreciated

If you're sticking with the 2500k, you can get a Maximus IV Gene-z on amazon for about $100+free shipping. Brand new too.

unfortunately i live in the uk, dont get that good value for money. Here its about140 pounds, although $100 is soo cheap it might be worth trying to import even with import tax