1.5V DDR3-DIMMs on Kaby Lake?

Skylake and Kaby Lake support DDR3L and DDR4 Memory. Some Socket 1151 Mainboards come with DDR3 Slots to run older memory.

My question is: Is it possible to run a normal 1.5V DDR3 Module in such a slot and what happens if I try this?

Will the module run with DDR3L-Voltage? Or will it run with 1.5V and be dangerous for the CPU/Mainboard due to the higher voltage? Will it not run at all?

If you could find a board that supports overclocking and DDR3L, I guess so.

The real question is why you would want to do this when DDR4 is superior and in most cases cheaper.

Edit: heres your board http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5488#ov

Skylake does, but Kabylake not too sure about that.
You could probably find your answer at the intels ark page.
Also from what i read abit on the interwebs it seems like Kabylake cpu´s,
on Skylake motherboards, doesnt allways seem to be a huge succes.
I have seen several threads popup on which certain Z170 boards dont seem to work well with the new Kabylake chips.
Probably not every manufacturer has allready an updated stable bios ready for every board yet.

I would recommend if you decide to go Kabylake, just go with DDR4.
And if you dont have a motherboard yet, just go with the newer 200 chipset boards.