1.5k AMD FX 8350 rig


What do you think?

And how would this perform for games such as Crisis 3 and BF3?

This build Is much better.


You can reduce the graphic card to a 7950 which is 80$ less. The PSU is way too costly mate, also for the case go for the HAF 912 it's about 39.99 after rebate.

How does the 7950 compare to the 670?

The 7950 beats the 670 in many occasions. Sometimes,the 7950 is almost on par with the 7970 when oc'ed.

I went over because the SSD is on sale, and gives you twice the storage and MORE SPEED for only $25 more. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/FcOa

The 670 is great, don't get me wrong, but the 7970 is better. For the money, the 7970 will beat the 670 hands-down. I put in a 850W PSU from a very reputable company because, unlike the GPU and CPU, etc., the PSU if one of the few things you will carry over from build to build. The Samsung 830 is a great SSD, but for the money, the ADATA SX 900 is better. For not much more, you get 256GB of SSD that is faster than the 830 - I highly recommend them. You don't need an optical drive, and you can get the WIndows OEM for much cheaper.

A 7970 will work perfectly in Crysis 3. The monitor you chose is only a 1920x1080p monitor, so you will be able to crank up the AA to max, set graphics to ultra, and go to town on some Hunters :)

The memory I chose is CL 11, 1600mHz SamsungGOD RAM. It overclocks extremely well, easily hitting 2133mHz CL9 or 10, at reasonable voltages. It will fit under any heatsink fan because the RAM has no heatspreader, because RAM DOESN'T NEED THEM. If you want a more reasonable stability, you could probably overclock the RAM to 1866 CL8 at 1.53V easily.


Brennan Riddell

you can fit a 680 in that budget


$245 for an OS..just please don't!

Well gotta throw in my 2 cents. That copy of windows is WAY to expensive. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832116992

The 660ti card is really nice. About a 100 bucks cheeper and I can Run Crysis using the 560ti card in my old rig. Runs and Looks fine. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130809

Here is a 850 power supply that is even cheeper.  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153106

I may get blasted, but that site you guys use to decide on your builds, IMHO, the prices are a bit high. 

If you can afford it, A nice closed loop liquid cooler would be a good idea. Thats just a matter of personal oppinion. CPU will get bigger, badder, faster, and a liquid cooling system may make your build more future proof. Just a thought. 



Brennan and Slimm, thank you very much!

I have two questions: What does OEM mean and why MSI in particular for the GPU? I heard that EVGA made the best ones, and the GPU is something where I don't have anything against pending a little more money.

donnt get the haf 912 ffsssssssssssssssssssssssssss why are people still suggesting this thing.

OEM is just a full version of windows that they sell to major companies. I have used OEM windows for many years. You can reinstall it no problem. The GPU I linked was just a idea of how much money you could save with the 660t card over your other choice. Great card IMHO, Offers a better value. 

Like I said my old 560ti Runs Crysis 3 fine no problems. 660 ti runs it great as well. Just a thought. 

IMHO when people build a gaming rig, they tend to go crazy on the Video card. IMHO, when a 300 dollar card will run just as well as the 400 dollar card, why not save some money?

When I picked the 660ti Its just a step up from the 560ti card in my older build. 560 Still handles the latest games no problem. 

I have this case in my older build. The case is simply amazing, The handle on top is so handy. So if your looking at a mid tower build. Take a peak at this one, just a idea. 



This is Probably the best youd get for your money 


everything in it is extremly powerful and reliable, hope this helps.