1.5 gigabit internet hardware

Hi I recently got 1.5 gigabit internet, but my old router can only do 1 gigabit. I have a spare PC that I can turn into router, but 10 gigabit hardware is so expensive even when buying used. (ISP’s router has a single 10 gigabit port)

Is there any way to bond two 1 gigabit links from the modem that my ISP provides? SFP+ nic is not an option for me as the router that was provided to me doesn’t have a removable SFP+ module, it’s integrated into modem itself.

Basically I don’t care that I will not be able to use 1.5 as a single stream as my entire home network is 1 gigabit anyway, but I want to have 1.5 gigabit download in total without using ISP’s modem as my router.

There’s 2.5 gigabit NICs and routers and stuff around now also. Might want to check that out if 10 doesn’t fit in the budget, because yeah a 10 gigabit router isn’t something you’re likely to find very often at home.

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Will 10 gigabit port be able to communicate with 2.5 NIC thought? I think I read that especially older 10 nics cannot do 2.5. ISP’s modem only has 10 gigabit port and 4 1 gigabit.

Depends on how old, I guess, but I think 2.5 goes back several years now, so it’d have to be pretty old to predate that. You could ask them if you wanted to be sure.

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Looks like that 10 gigabit port can be set to 2.5 on the modem side, so should work then. 2.5 gigabit cards still a bit pricy though.

That’s why you get your networking future-proof if you buy. 10Gbit on-board is like 100€ more and half of modern boards have a 2.5Gbit NIC. Some older 10Gbit NICs can’t downgrade to 2.5 or 5 on their side…2.5Gbit Switches are rather cheap nowadays, but that doesn’t help with 5Gbit WAN in a couple of years.

You can get USB NICs with 2.5Gbit for like 30-40€, no need to get overpriced cards if you have an USB port left.

Honestly I don’t see myself getting internet faster than 2 gigabit in the future. (or even 1-1.5 gigabit after this promotion expires). So I am not sure it makes sense for me to future proof it. Right now I just wanted to unlock that remaining 0.5 gigabit in a cheapest way possible.

I am thinking of maybe connecting the second port of my nas to the ISP’s router and set that nic as the main gateway. And then maybe set legal torrents or IPFS to seed all the time just to make use of that extra speed.

Btw if anyone has a file they wanna seed etc. Give me the magnet/.torrent file. I have around 1 TB of spare space on the old hardware I can sacrifice for this. Just nothing illegal please.

Channel bonding needs to use a pair of ports on both ends and an appropriate (same at both ends) configuration (LACP, PaGP, etc.). So no…

What about balance-rr? Or was that only for transmitting at higher speed ? (assuming it’s only setup on one side)

By bonding I also meant loose “bonding”. Just to bring in that extra capacity into my own router somehow and then let it handle routing. I am fine with not being able to reach full speed in a single stream.


Oh what if I do a round robin dual wan load balancing but with the same public wan ip. it should work in theory right? I believe pfsense had that feature.