1.4k cpu build only gaming

Im trying to build this pc but im a very indecisive person...

motherboards ive looked at: 

-asus z87 pro ( on new egg its 200, and im looking for a mb thats more like upto180ish but its on sale when you combo with a samsung ssd sooo...)

-gigabyte ud3h

-msi g45

-asrock extreme 4

At first i was going to do a build with a i5 3750k, but then i figured i might as well go with haswell since its there and not much more expensive. But would amd be a better choice?


Aside from the cpu and motherboard ive got it basically figured out:

EVGA gtx 770 sc with the acx 

rosewill capstone 750m 

gskill sniper 8gb ram

xigmatek dark knight cpu cooler :)

samsung 840 120gb ssd

WD black 500gb

It would obviously be a better choice since you can spend more money on the graphics card. FX 8350 is a better path.

gaming is 80% GPU, why are you putting 80% into everything else?

the 770 is like 30%... and the 780 is almost twice the cost of the 770, so should i do 2 760s in sli? is that what youre trying to say?

No, they are trying to inform you that your build is a waste of money for only gaming.


This system for the same price will destroy the system you were planning on building with the parts you gave us. Also you have the option of streaming video games to the internet with this setup.

first of all do you have a 1440p monitor, if not get one, then spend your money, and the 780 is a hair from a titan, that's why it cost so much, honestly grab a 780, and a 1440p monitor, logan has recommended 3 so far

anyway what's your budget as a whole with a GPU

First off I would like to thank you for your support, I really appreciate it. But would it be better to get a 256gb ssd with like a 500gb hdd? I checked on my current pc and ive only used like 300gb and I wont have any media, (pictures or anything) so I might be able to fit most of my games on the ssd

you're spending 1.4K on a computer and you want to cut the drive capacity in half just to shave 10 bucks off?

I dont need drive capacity, I want this so I can get most if not all my files on the ssd and have the harddrive there incase it doesnt fit .I probably wont use more than 10% of the 500 gb drive so why would I get a 2tb drive?