1.4 DP KVM Swtich Single Monitor Sleep Issue

Hi guys,
Not sure if you guys met my issue. this 1.4 DP KVM Swtich Single Monitor is working perfectly except two issues:

  1. this is the one I can’t figure out the reason, once my PC/Laptop connect to the KVM, it won’t sleep. If you manually make them sleep, it will wake up automatically after a few minutes. I have ruled out all the PC settings, and also use command to see what stop my PC sleeping, the result is none. And to check what wake up my PC, USB devices, because it’s connected with KVM, it’s hard to tell which USB devices. The thing is if I connect all my USB deviced to my PC directly, it will fall asleep as normal…any ideas?
  2. This is a very specific issue, is my Hyperx Quadcast microphone, sometimes will be dropped, and checking device manager says stopped working. The only way to solve it is to restart KVM by unplug the power. Any ideas on this one ?

Thank you in advance!!