~$1,100 Gaming and Rendering Build

Hello, so I want to build a gaming PC for Gaming and Rendering  (Probably with Sony Vegas) and the price needs to be around $1,100. The only things I would like to be in this build:

-An intel CPU

-Windows 7

-Would 16GB be sufficient for rendering?

-Preferably in the NZXT H2 Classic Silent

Any help would be fantastic, thanks.

Probably should've said this before, but $100 of the $1,100 will be going towards another monitor because the one I have now is crap, so it's technically a $1000 build

I'm from the UK so I hardly know any reliable sites for components but heres the Intel build:

I wasn't able to fit in w7.. You can make some adjustments to the build though.

If I use Sony Vegas, will I necessarily need 16 Gigs of Ram? Or will 8 gigs be good enough for a bit and I could just upgrade later?

You can use 8GB, then add the additional 8 later. Any particular reason to go with Intel? You'd get more editing performance with an 8350

I'll get to you after I finish my Father's Day Guide

that is VERY untrue, intel is KING at Editing and rendering because of the underlying architectural differences, AMD and the 8350 are great as budget CPUs for gaming, but not editing.

I'd agree. But, given his $1,000 budget, I wouldn't recommend anything other than 8350. Unless he cheaped out on his GPU.

That's the difference between editing and gaming, or just editing, in my view.

while you do have a point  xeon i7s cost as much as desktop i5s, and desktop i5s cost as much as the 8350


okay sorry it took so long

Haswell i7 Xeon grade which means it typically needs less juice and produces less heat since its from the center of the silicon, with that heat sink I'd say you'd be safe to get to 3.8-4Ghz, you can overclock by change the Bclk strap which changes the Bclk multiplier as seen in the ASUS overclocking video

660 for gaming and editing GPGPU

1080p monitor with 1000:1 contrast ratio, and windows 8 as programs run better on it now hurry before the deals run out, opt for free shipping and promo codes when available