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04 s10 build

After a lot of trials and tribulations in my life I’ve finally got to a point where I am able to own my ‘first vehicle’. I say first vehicle because I’ve owned other vehicles but they were never actually mine, they were always in other family members names ect. With this being said I was able to purchase a 04 s10 crew cab that is 4×4.

Looking back I should’ve went with a blazer for more room for my audio equipment, but that’s neither here nor there. My plans are to 1st get the audio equipment installed which includes my Taramps HD 8k amplifier with dual 1/0 inputs (2) 18" DSS Ethos a box built by Adam Romano owner of Loud Trunks Unlimited, he will also be running all necessary wires ect. He will also be installing a layer of Stinger deadener on all 4 doors the rear firewall and the roof will get 2 layers. As for electrical I’ll be running a 270 amp alternator built by Js alts, 3 group 31 Duracell deep cycle marine agm batteries along with a matching group 34/78 for the front. The rear batteries will be mounted in the tool box (will be done some time this week). For my door speakers I have (2) 6.5" ds18 2 way speakers along with (2) of their tweeters. I’m hoping Adam has enough time by the end of March to have all that done. I currently have a Pioneer 80-prs as a head unit for its dsp capabilities and superior dac but I’m currently looking into running some type of raspberry pi or tinker board for a carputer mainly for ease of sifting through music as I find it hard to find what I want to listen to and also for a backup camera. I feel like having one and running some type of android is would be more intuitive than my current head unit. But I don’t want to lose my current dsp and dac built into the Pioneer, it does have an auxiliary input which is rca based but that then would require what ever I use my source to have the same or better dac. However the Pioneer does have USB inputs but as far as I can tell I wouldn’t be able to stream music from the single board computer to the head unit using a male to male USB cable. So I’m kinda torn on what to do. But with that being said my other plans are to swap all the exterior bulbs to led I’m also looking into retrofitting projectors into the headlights as the factory ones are crap and I’m also looking into getting some non USA style tail lights like these I’m not sure why they didn’t use these but I like the appearance of them compared to the all red ones. I need to find another rear driver door as someone did a ‘great’ bondo job on it and the driver door but as of now those are my plans and I will continue to update this as things progress.


Needs moar camber

Isuzu Hombre front conversion? Could be an idea…

Looks nice. GF had an 87 standard S10. good vehicle. Keep the powertrain stock and it will not disappoint you.



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Making me miss my s10. I would say yours needs a v8 but the 4x4 is a pita.

I’m a mini trucker at heart but being in a wheelchair it’d be a pita to in and out of unless it was a full size and I couldn’t find one in my price range at the time.

I was leaning more towards a Sonoma front end mainly due to the way the grill looks but I’ve never really been a fan of the way the hombre looks.

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Yeah a 4.7 or 5.7 would be nice but this being my first 4×4 vehicle I’ve kinda fell in love with it lol.

It’s got 245k on it now with a ‘rebuilt’ Trans and it does pretty good I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it has sludge in it due to the oil pressure being 40ish when it’s cold and 20ish once it has heated up. When the next oil change comes up I plan to run some kerosene through it and add a bit of Trans fluid for about 500 miles and see if that helps.

Sonoma looks nice!
Here in Brazil the S10 came standard with the Hombre front clip, for whatever reason.

What about the tail lights are they the USA style or the other style I mentioned above?

The other style you posted, judging by the link you got the picture from Mercado Livre, a sort of south american eBay.
Thus the reason i assumed you’d be doing a Hombre conversion on it.

I’ve tried to find a seller that is in English but the only way I’ve found them so far is by using the Spanish word for tail light and all those websites are in Spanish and from what I can tell they don’t ship to the United States.
Edit: the reason I wanted those tail lights is due to the dedicated turn signal vs a single bulb plus the color contrast with the red and yellow vs just red.

Try this one:

Keep in mind, these are for the older models from 95-99, make sure it fits the bed of your truck.

My 94 Miata does the same thing. (38 cold, 25 hot at 950 idle, because dual clutch) Oil pressure is typically a bit higher before it’s heated up, and my understanding is that anything under a 25 PSI difference can be interpreted as normal, but that obviously varies depending on the oil grade. You’re probably running 10w-30 or so, so I’d say it’s fine.

The problem with a 245k engine and doing a crankcase flush is that you may uncover a leak that was plugged by the little buildup. It’s a risk you’re going to have to be willing to take. My Miata hasn’t gone through a gunk flush since I bought it, but I would recommend against it because of the leak risks associated. (unless you’re ready to re-do the seals on your engine)

If you can’t find any store that ships to the US, if you really want them, i can mail them over to you since i live in Brazil i have free access to them.
Its going to be a bit expensive, but if you really want them, its doable.

From what I can tell they don’t ship either and it looks like that would be my only option. If you pm me I’d like to get more info on shipping ect.

Alright, i’ll be sending you a message

Yeah that’s one thing I didn’t think about, I may just put it off I know if I can get 300k before a have to open it I’ll be happy. At that point I plan on seeing if a v8 conversion is doable with the 4×4 if not I was gonna drop a fresh 4.3 back in it.