007 Nightfire Emulation

Would anyone be able to help me produce a smooth emulation of the game 007 Nightfire for the PS2 or Gamecube.

I first tried on the PS2 emulator PCSX2 and I discovered bad textures and flickering on many scenes in the game as well as controller problems.

I then tried on dolphin emulator since the graphics were better on the gamecube but I still had the controller problems.

The problems I am getting with the controller are strange inverted weirdness on the thumbsticks. For example the right stick does not move the characters head around but only strafes it left and right. If I wish to turn my characters head I would have to use the left stick and even then it only rotates the character instead of full head movement. I am using the xbox 360 wired controller and the keyboard and mouse.

Any other emulators or solutions to this problem would be appreciated.


Are you aware that there is a pc version? Also this is prob one of my fav ps2 games ever. I spent hours on the ps2 multiplayer with friends.

The PC version like so many other games turned out to be a poor port of the console version.

If only the PC version had skyrail,ravine and the sentinel rocket launcher *sigh